Flexwoods Import & Export companyis located in Ningbo Zhejiang Province. Ningbo is one of biggest seaport in China, as well as its developed transportation system that make us to source suppliers, products and provide services easier and faster.


Our team has been working for plastic and rubber products for over 10 years, especially in plastic and rubber Safety items for indoor and outdoor that make us learn more resources to find very competitive suppliers and items in China.


Our works and services


Sourcing best factories with the reasonable price. That means we find the best quality goods with best price for our clients.


Making inspections for our clients goods before load and during loading.


Handle shipment load, transportation, suppliers consolidation, custom declarations in China.


To be honest, we are a new company that started from 2021. Because of information gaps and personal greedy, lots of clients who dealt business with factories or trading companies were not so smooth and full of setbacks and uncertainties. What the meaning of we create this company is eliminate or least reduce client risks and provide backup plans.


Now we have no idea how to put fancy words on our website. However, as long as our service meet your request, who cares?